1 what are some emerging technologies available in the marketplace today

It also provides an opportunity to debate any human, societal, economic or environmental risks and concerns that the technologies may pose prior to widespread adoption.

1 what are some emerging technologies available in the marketplace today

Devices like Microsoft's Kinect peripheral will someday find applications in telemedicine, defense and education.

Photo courtesy Microsoft Microsoft 2. Balloons like this carry radio communications equipment and stay aloft for up to 12 hours. Augmented reality technology may safeguard officers while making them more effective. Typical streetlights will be transformed into carriers of wireless communication, audio and video.

This MQ-9 Reaper is used for military purposes, but in the future these unmanned aerial vehicle could be used for monitoring municipal assets, delivering packages and serve as communications relays. But in a few years, many technologies developed in service of these functions may be repurposed in extraordinarily sensible ways.

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Motion control, for example, is driving a revolution in video gaming, but may soon help doctors diagnose patients via video conference. Augmented reality, used on smartphones to track down bars, might soon make police officers smarter and safer. In two decades, unmanned aerial vehicles plying the skies might be mundane.

The following five emerging technologies are poised to go from amazing to ordinary — and the change will most certainly benefit us. Launched inthe video game console sparked a revolution in interactive entertainment.

Now Sony, Microsoft and others have leapt into the motion control market with more powerful and accurate motion controllers. The technology not only opens the door for innovative video games, but also can transform how people work in the classroom, the operating room or even on the battlefield.

This allows Kinect to respond to both gestures and verbal commands. Department of Defense about using the technology for rehabilitation therapy for wounded veterans. When you combine that with education, it is really taking off.

Balloon Radio A common problem on the front lines — be it in war, a disaster or any other emergency — is a lack of communication.

1 what are some emerging technologies available in the marketplace today

In the years since walkie-talkies made their debut, technology has evolved, making it easier for soldiers and first responders to communicate. But most communications improvements have hinged on fixed, physical infrastructure to transmit voice and data over distance. In remote areas, this usually requires personnel to erect radio repeater towers atop geographical high points to facilitate communication over a wide area.

In a battle, such personnel are vulnerable to the enemy. In a forest fire, crews risk getting caught behind fire lines. What if that troublesome tower could be replaced with a balloon?

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The company offers what are essentially weather balloons loaded with radio repeater gear. The StarFighter model, already used by troops in Afghanistan, facilitates two-way radio communication up to miles while floating at 80, feet, safely away from enemy fire.

The StarFighter soon may be used by emergency responders.

The range, responsiveness and interoperability of the balloons might make them ideal for emergency responders who suddenly find gaps in their communication networks after a disaster. Augmented Reality Augmented reality apps are popular for iPhones and Androids. Generally such apps ask users to point their in-phone camera at a horizon, and the software then overlays the image with restaurant and bar information, or it provides walking directions and other details.

A few apps use augmented reality to make a video game of the real world, using large smartphone screens to place digital bad guys on an otherwise normal cityscape.

Public safety officials say augmented reality can make public safety personnel more effective while keeping them safer, something Motorola is exploring. The challenge here is to really allow [a police officer] to focus on what he is trying to do, and that obviously changes under certain conditions.

The trick is to provide data via augmented reality that improves situational awareness without overwhelming or distracting an officer. Something is going on. Building inspectors could be equipped with 3-D maps of a structure.

These capabilities could all be made available in a smart handheld device or even a heads-up display. Photo courtesy of Motorola 4. A company called Illuminating Concepts transforms typical streetlights into highly intelligent network nodes that do more than fend off darkness.Sep 25,  · Forrester’s recently released top 15 emerging technologies to watch, – reflect the accelerating expectations of customers who rely on digital channels the majority of the time to.

http:www/caninariojana.com RESPONSE 2 Some emerging technologies available in the marketplace today are mobile collaboration and robotics/ artificial intelligence.

Mobile collaboration allows individuals to access sync and collaborate on business data from a mobile device. 5 Emerging Technologies Soon to Hit the Government Market Government users and industry analysts chime in on motion-controlled video games, augmented reality and vertical GPS.

BIS Week 5 Complete Discussion Questions (1) What are some emerging technologies available in the marketplace today? How can we benefit from them?

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(2) What are some benefits of using social networking? What are some drawbacks? What do these trends mean and what new technologies are important for U.S. employers, vendors, employees and other relevant IT functions?

You must be current, flexible, adaptable and willing to learn. Here Are The Top 10 Emerging Technologies For and produce 30%% more electricity than today's lithium-ion batteries, this next generation of batteries could help transform the electric.

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