Amazing facts about writing and the brain

July 14, Brain is the central control system of our body. It is the most studied organ and performs several functions simultaneously within seconds. Do you know that there are about billion neurons and 1. For more such interesting facts about this fascinating organ, read this blog to the end so that you get to know your mind a little better.

Amazing facts about writing and the brain

However, recent uncoverings by science has debunked this myth and proven that the brain is capable of vast change. But there is a fair amount of information we have gathered about the brain—thanks to recent advances in imaging technology.

More than 8, autopsies revealed the average weight of the male brain is 1, grams and the female brain is 1, grams. As we age the weight of the brain decreases. Humans have the largest brain in terms of size ratio when compared to other creatures in the world.

Elephants are considered as having the largest brain, which is partially true. If the ratio of the whole body and the size of the brain are compared it is only 0. The adult human brain weighs nearly 1.

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That is why glucose is drained so fast in the brain. A brain produces almost enough energy to light a bulb. On an average, a brain produces up to 30 — 35 watts at the time of awakening. The main energy source of the most energy hungry organ is glucose. A person can lose consciousness if the brain is deprived of oxygen for around seconds.

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In addition, when your brain does not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen, the yawn is said to provide the remaining amount of oxygen to the brain. Anoxic brain damage is brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen supply. Without oxygen, brain cells will start to die after four to six minutes.

amazing facts about writing and the brain

The brain consists of aroundmiles of the blood vessels, working perfectly in high speed. Providing blood and oxygen to the brain, these vessels are said to be strong and can bear high tension.

Transmission of signals in the brain is carried out by both of these matters. The gray matter, consisting of neurons, plays a major role in transmission of signals. It can act in both sending and receiving modes.

During pregnancy, the fetal brain develops at an amazing rate. There are aboutneurons added every single minute. In accordance with that, there could be nearly 1, — 10, synapses just for a single neuron.

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Cells will continue to develop for several years after birth.Amazing Facts About Writing and Your Brain.

7. Posted on: by: Brian Wasko. I came across the infographic below and just had to share it. It contains some fascinating information about writing and brain research.

Enjoy! Embedded from *****. Discover amazing and quirky brain facts and share with kids in the classroom or at home. Some are good news, some are a bit strange, but they're all food for thought.

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