Coping with difficult people

Yesterday's training made my role much clearer and I will feel more confident in dealing with this person. Her humour, her pace of the course, content coverage and her inclusion of all participant even the most reticent was outstanding. I enjoyed the open discussions we had but come to the conclusion that some things are not fixable.

Coping with difficult people

Series 2 - Bible Answers for Some of us have bosses who are overbearing and demanding.

Course Outline - Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace

Others of us have relatives we don't like being around. How does God want us to handle these people?

Online Newsletter March, - Dealing with Difficult People What Makes People "Difficult"? Symptom: The "Know it All" Symptom: "Do It My Way or Else!". Lady Gaga has come clean about her addiction to marijuana. The singer, 27, said that she smoked marijuana to deal with the mental and physical challenges of her career, including a recent hip. The Coping with Difficult People Workbook contains assessments and guided self-exploration activities that can be used with a variety of populations to help participants learn to cope more effectively with difficult people.

Join me now as we see what the Bible says about dealing with difficult people. And some people choose to cause trouble for others. When Jesus Christ lived as a human, He had to deal with many difficult people. But Christ dealt with these difficult people in the right way. His examples, along with other instructions in God's Word, teach us how to handle those who cause strife.

A Christian from South Carolina relates his story: Many problem vehicles came to me, and I had to deal with him to get things corrected. Most of the employees at the company said he was impossible to deal with, and indeed he was tough.

But he had his position simply because the "buddy system" was very much in place. But that had to be approved by the general manager, and he was a difficult person too!

With him, it was 'his way or the highway! But whenever opportunity came, I took advantage and humbly tried to win him over. After several months of persistence, he finally agreed to let me help. Even though this difficult person was still over the department, I became the one the employees and vendors came to.

And the irony is, this difficult person thought he trained me well! God's way of peace does work! You may know someone else who has had to deal with difficult people, or you may have experienced dealing with them yourself.

As you study the Bible, you find that God lets other people and experiences build character in us. Often, we just want the difficult person to go away and bother someone else.

But what if that someone else is you? God wants us to strive for peace. So let's look at some relevant scriptures that show how to deal with difficult people. What should our motive be when dealing with anyone? Regardless of how others treat us, we are to try to have peaceful relationships with them.

In the beatitudes, Jesus Christ—the Prince of Peace—said that those who are peacemakers will be called the children of God Matthew 5: What important character trait is needed to deal with difficult people? Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

Coping with difficult people

The opposite of conceit and selfishness is humility. Humility is necessary to properly deal with difficult people. We want others to be patient with our shortcomings, and we should be patient with theirs. When we strive to make peace, we are exercising humility.

How do you deal with someone who always has to be right about everything or always wants his or her way? Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Christ said we are to go the "second mile" if that is what it takes to have peace.

We show wisdom, not weakness, when we are willing to yield to others.Coping with the Loss of a Loved One to Mesothelioma. It’s never easy to lose someone you love.

Losing a loved one to an aggressive cancer such as mesothelioma can be even more difficult, because a family member or close friend may be taken far too soon, bringing a sense of shock with feelings of grief, sadness and even depression. Coping with Difficult People: The Proven-Effective Battle Plan That Has Helped Millions Deal with the Troublemakers in Their Lives at Home and at Work [Robert M.

Bramson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bosses, friends, family members, they've made your life hell -- until now! Based on fourteen years of research and /5(). Interacting and coping with a passive-aggressive person is complicated.

Most of the time, her actions are complex, confusing and often used as a way of coping with stress, anxieties, and insecurities. When dealing with difficult people, our immediate urge is to jump to our own defense. Today, there are smarter moves to make when dealing with a tyrant. Dealing with difficult people can create conflict and stress.

These tips on dealing with difficult people can help keep conflict levels low. Menu. How to Deal With Difficult People and Avoid Conflict.

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Coping with difficult people

More in Stress Management Relationship Stress Effects on Health Management Techniques. Coping with Difficult People [Robert M., Ph D. Bramson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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