Cyber laws and rti

These definitions of VAW as being gender-based are seen by some to be unsatisfactory and problematic.

Cyber laws and rti

How To Submit Your Article: For Further Details Contact: The Constitution of India has been around for 68 years now, and has since been amended a number of times to accommodate the changing mind set of developing India, and the interpretation of this document, especially of the Articles related to Fundamental Rights has been diverse.

Whenever our judiciary gives the decision for the religion reform than our fundamentalist friend argue that No one have a right to interfere in our religion and personal laws and Our constitution gives a right to follow their own personal law according to Right to freedom of religion which is mentioned in Article 25 to Even though the term refugee has been adequately defined in various regional and international instruments-Vani Manoraj- Posted: The concept of privacy can be traced out in the ancient text of Hindus.

If one look at the Hitopadesh it says that certain matter worship, sex and family matters should be protected from disclosure.

Time and again, Government of India "Government" in consultation with the Regulators has taken several measures Cyber laws and rti strengthen the corporate bonds market.

Aligarh Muslim University is again in controversy because of the issue the rules and regulations on the dressing matter According to rules of Aligarh Muslim University Wearing the black Sherwani is mandatory in official function-Rajesh- Posted: This case also revolves upon the theme of having a fair trial and the question of prejudice is involved in this case as the particular section which is linked with this case talks about the prejudice being cause to the accused-Archit Mishra- Posted: Decree means the formal expression of an adjudication which, so far as regards the Court expressing it, conclusively determines the rights of the parties with regard to all or any of the matters in controversy in the suit - Naeemullah Azeem- Posted: Growing reliance on technology as a means of procurement of goods and services has requisitioned the need for patent protection from threat of possible infringement.

IPR play a fundamental role as the legal vehicles -Priyanka malhan- Posted: After the verdict of Triple Talaq case Supreme Court set up a constitutional bench for the purpose of examining the validity of polygamy among the Muslim community because No one is above than law.

A Hybrid insurance product is basically a combination of two insurance products which may include few featured of financial instrument, however not necessarily accessing the capital market.

A recently promulgated legislation, RERA seeks tocurb the shortcomingsof respective Ownership Acts prevailing in each state. A centre enacted legislation, RERA seeks to provide uniform laws throughout the states, for protecting the interest of home buyers-Dighe- Posted: Now after the Jinah controversy Aligarh Muslim University is again in publicity.

For, the relevance of the cited maxim comes often into play. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, has created for a legal and institutional framework for the process of regulating insolvency in India. The term Creditor has been defined under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code IBCto provide for an exhaustive definition of the classification of creditors.

This article gives an overview of the Definition of State as per Article 12 Of the Constitution of India with emphasis on Relevant case law -sharmarushil Posted: Owing to increase in money laundering and tax evasion practices, banks are often served with the notices under section 6 and section 3 of the income tax act,by the tax authorities.

A Few months ago chief organization of Bigots Muslim All India Personal law board argues that they will open a Darul Ul Qaza in each district in whole states As a law studentfeminst I am not in the favour of the decision of All India personal law board.

The justice delivery system in India is known for the huge pendency of cases resulting in undue delay. As the banking industry has started to face the crises of NPA accounts, which has duly fractured the financial system to maximum limit.

Due diligence has become important aspect for the bankers. Anciently, Raptus, the generic term of rape was to imply violent felony, applied to both property and person. It absolutely was involving sexual molestation and merely the theft of a woman against the consent of her guardian or those with legal power over her.

Right to privacy is a facet of right to life and personal liberty enshrined under article 21 of the Indian constitution and right to privacy has been recognized as fundamental right in the recent judicial pronouncement in Justice K. In todays era Intellect needs protection too and there is no business that can run successfully without the shelter of intellectual property law.

In Cricket, among all the intellectual property rights, i Copyright ii Design and iii Trademark is required to be protected.

Salient features of RTI Act | People are the masters. Therefore, the masters have a right to know how the governments, meant to serve them, are functioning.
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Salient features of RTI Act | Contact Us Search The Right to Information Act, has been probably the most discussed law of the recent times and also has given much more power to the people than any other law. Its basic aim is "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority"[1].
Explore - ARTICLE 19 Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles Articles The Right to Information Act, has been probably the most discussed law of the recent times and also has given much more power to the people than any other law.
Welcome to Indian Law Institute Indian Economy issues re: Do you agree with this for financial inclusion of the poorer section of the Indian society?

Place, Venue and Law Applicable: Arbitration is in simple terms a method of alternate dispute resolution by an impartial third person s who adjudicates upon the dispute between parties. It is basically to resolve disputes outside the courts, which are usually long drawn battles, with sanction of law which is binding upon the parties.

Cyber laws and rti

Vicarious liability, also known by the Latin term respondeat superior, or by imputed liability, is a legal concept that assigns liability to an individual who did not actually cause the harm-Gursimran Kaur- Posted:Cybercrime is a criminal activity which is carried on by the use of computers and the Internet.

Some of the common cyber crimes are hacking, cyber stalking, denial of service attack(DoS), virus dissemination, software piracy, credit card fraud & phishing..

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We also assist companies in setting-up operations in Mumbai. Right to Information. India is a democracy. People are the masters. Therefore, the masters have a right to know how the governments, meant to serve them, are functioning.

Exemptions from disclosure of information under RTI: The Right to Information Act, has been probably the most discussed law of the recent times and also has given much more power to the people than any other law.

Cyber laws and rti

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