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Handiwriter writing aid ukc

The gift of hearing can transform your life and now that it has been made affordable, nobody should have to struggle with hearing loss, especially when there are so many options available to solve this problem.

The main concern people have with hearing aids is that they are bulky, unsightly and costly. This is no longer the case. The hearing aid industry has been revolutionised of late, with several new hearing aids on the market that are streamlined, discreet and practically invisible.

handiwriter writing aid ukc

Who is affected by hearing loss? In the UK one in six people suffer from some form of hearing loss, and the numbers are rising daily. Contrary to popular belief this is not something that just affects us in old age.

There are more than 45, deaf children in the UK, with thousands of other children that suffer from temporary hearing loss. Overpeople in the UK are severely or profoundly deaf.

Hearing loss is a serious condition that can be addressed with a very simple solutionwhich in turn will enhance the quality of your life. Using a hearing aid will simply amplify sound.

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The aids are available in both analogue and digital and come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. What type of devices are available?

Hearing aids available on the NHS tend to be bulky behind-the-ear types. However, you can book a free consultation and purchase more discrete types of hearing aids privately.

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What are the costs? The cost of private hearing aids has come down significantly and clinics across the country are competing against each other offering great deals. Finding the right clinic You can use reliable, free services like www.

A professional hearing aid audiologist will help find and fit the right hearing aid. Using a hearing aid will help you communicate better and increase your confidence and give you more independence. The struggle will be over and you will have a better quality of life.If you find it difficult or painful applying enough pressure when writing with a biro/ballpoint pen you could try using fibre tip pens that require less pressure (Burt, ), (ACE Centre North, ).

Textured pen grips can also help reduce grip force.

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handiwriter writing aid ukc

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