Ibm cloud computing case studies

Free preview of Gartner research Already have a Gartner account? Sign in to view more Gartner research. Table of Contents Recommended Reading Analysis As cloud computing hype continues to grow, there is a need to examine the lessons learned by those companies that have adopted cloud computing as part of their IT environment. This special report examines how companies have used cloud computing to drive business value, as well as the lessons learned and best practices developed along the way.

Ibm cloud computing case studies

Used to provide a variety of data, BFFs consist of server-side components designed to be consumed by specific client-side applications. This tutorial provides an overview of the basic Swift Backend for Frontend application, describing how to create it, its features and properties, and possible extension points with services from IBM Cloud.

In addition to the extra endpoints listed below, the BFF app comes with SwiftMetrics integration, as well as a customized iOS SDK to communicate with this backend, which is based on a set of example endpoints. If using the CLI method, select the Backend for Frontend pattern option, followed by the Basic Backend option, specifying Swift as the desired language.

Running locally, it can be accessed at localhost: The health endpoint provides an easy way to query the application status. It will return the host Swagger definition in a yaml file to a GET request.

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The products route is the primary example endpoint that supports a variety of requests. For an individual product, adding the id to the route will allow information to be obtained with a GET, updated with a PUT, or removed with a delete request.Cloud computing case studies, cloud computing best practice.

Follow @cloud_comp_news. Menu; News; Events. Telecoms Events; to IBM’s cloud, the latter has announced. The move builds upon the two companies’ partnership, first announced last year, with the airline also moving workloads and tools such as its Cargo customer website to the.

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Ibm cloud computing case studies

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This is the place where cloud computing finds itself today, With key pieces of the IBM/OpenPOWER versus Intel/x86 gambit settling into place Case Study: MINES Paristech develops HPC as a Service Provided by IBM. Spark for Dummies Provided by IBM. Follow @IBMSystems My Tweets. Practice designing actual Bluemix infrastructure deployments based on the business drivers and workload requirements of multiple workload types. In this course, you will practice evaluting and selecting various architectural components to design effective solutions on IBM Bluemix Infrastructure’s. This course teaches the elements of twelve-factor applications and the characteristics of a resilient, scalable cloud application design. The course also explains the role of DevOps in the cloud-native application lifecycle. Cuts Through Bureaucracy to Speed Up Digital Transformation. by Caitlyn O'Connell | June 11, IBM Bluemix.

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iExec Integrates IBM Cloud to Increase the Security of Decentralized Computing. by Lei Zhang | November 16, Sanimax (see "Case Study: Sanimax Leverages Cloud Computing and Hosting to Drive Agility and Efficiency") is a classic example of a small or midsize business (SMB) pursuing a hybrid approach to cloud, but with a twist.

Ibm cloud computing case studies

A new CIO came to Sanimax with a mandate to modernize the company's aging IT environment and lead a shift to hosting and cloud. Case Study Sstems and Technolo Computer Serices 3 Cornering the market With a long history of seizing first-mover advantage, Vissensa is To learn more about cloud computing from IBM, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website.

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Open. Learn how IBM analytics, cloud and mobile technologies are delivering a greater fan experience. Coming Soon Applying IBM analytics, cloud computing and mobile capabilities is a game changer for not only the USTA, but also for any business on a Smarter Planet.

Migrating to an IBM Cloud environment, Bitly established a highly scalable hosting platform for low-latency delivery to enterprise customers around the world.

In the process, the company developed an invaluable partnership with IBM that led to collaboration on innovative new sales and marketing initiatives.

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