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Inner Voice MAX 4. Will of Steel MAX 5.

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While on a mission to recover a legendary weapon, they were ambushed by overwhelming Charr forces. Captain Langmar made it clear to her troops: Broken and weary, the remaining Vanguard found little solace, for they found the caves infested with fire elementals and other terrible creatures.

Their numbers few, they no longer had the strength to reach the artifact. Because its immense power would surely aid the Ebon Vanguard in the ongoing battle against the Charr, we had no choice but to help them retrieve it.

Kathadrax's Crusher was hidden deep beneath the raging fires of Sacnoth Valleyprotected by a fiery elemental lord. Rragar's Menagerie Greater dangers awaited deep within the earth, where a Charr named Rragar Maneater bred a race of murderous creatures.

These creatures, known as fleshreaverswere horrible, voracious monsters with an unusual evolutionary method.

Young fleshreavers, it seems, are born as barely more than tiny skeletons. To survive and evolve, the emaciated young rely on their parents to harvest muscle, organ and fat from their prey, and then layer it over the skeletons of their newborns.

Rragar had taken advantage of this disgusting, yet easily-manipulated evolution to perform ghastly experiments on the fleshreavers, turning them into powerful weapons to be used against humanity.

By searching carefully, we found unexpected allies among Rragar's failed creations. Rragar was still difficult to defeat, for he was armed with powerful magic and could teleport freely around his twisted workshop. Cathedral of Flames Once freed, Pyre's warband sacked the cathedral, looking for anything of value.

Clearing the debris revealed a stash of treasure plundered from Ascalonian ruins The spirits of those slain for the war had attached themselves to the treasure, haunting the vaults. Worse yet, a powerful Necromancer named Murakai dwelt among them.

She used the creatures' unliving essence to create a storm of soulswhich she planned to unleash upon human and Charr alike. It fell to us to lay these disembodied spirits to rest and to suspend Murakai's wrath, if only for a time.

Ooze Pit The earthquakes allowed numerous creatures, some previously unknown to man, to rise from the depths. Disgusting membranous creatures of fluid and phlegm are one such anomaly to arrive.

Master guide

At a loss for words, most adventurers simply call them " oozes ". These highly adaptable creatures mutate and thrive in all manner of environments, including the intense heat of molten earth.

Their adaptability goes far beyond simple survival. Oozes get more than simple sustenance from feeding upon their prey. They assume the magical abilities inherent in the creatures they ingest.

There is no telling how many creatures As a result, elder oozes are far more dangerous than their young. As a testament to the tenacity of the human race, some merchants specialize in trading for the jelly-like creatures.

The oozes' applications in magic, medicine and alchemy are far reaching. Darkrime Delves A vast series of caves, called the Darkrime Delves by the local Nornleads into the depths of the northern mountains in Bjora Marches. Home to snow jotun the Delves provide natural defenses for the ferocious yet not terribly clever beasts.

We came upon two hunters, Kolgrim and Einarrin the middle of an argument over which of them had the right to enter the Delves and kill the new jotun leader.

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