Minecraft update 10 features of academic writing

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Minecraft update 10 features of academic writing

Add your rating See all 7 kid reviews. Newsela is an online news-as-literacy platform featuring current articles in seven categories: It's updated daily with stories from a wide range of sources from the Associated Press to Scientific American to the Washington Post in both English and Spanish, and all articles are Common Core-aligned and available in five different Lexile levels, ranging roughly from third to 12th grade.

Each leveled text features a quiz tailored to that particular article plus a writing prompt that asks kids to write and respond to what they've read.

Newsela's resources are free to students; all of the site's articles and quizzes, as well as the annotation tool, are available for open online use. For teachers, the paid PRO subscription offers the site's most useful options. These include a dashboard to manage students' assignments and view both individual and class results, tracking progress toward meeting the related Common Core State Standards.

Additionally, the PRO subscription gives teachers access to the site's annotation tool as well as some other customization features. Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Newsela is a solid resource for news stories your students will look forward to reading and discussing.

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Though it's a valuable tool for free, it's likely that the tools in a PRO account will offer the best learning value. Access to the annotation tool for teachers is enormously useful and it offers a great way to encourage active reading.

Teachers have access to this, as well as crucial assessment data, through the dashboard. With or without a paid subscription, students will find the nonfiction texts here accessible and engaging; articles are pulled from high-quality news sources, then adapted to a range of reading levels.

minecraft update 10 features of academic writing

Topics run the gamut from pop culture, from roller derby to Minecraft, and they touch on subjects that encourage cross-curricular reading, like DNA testing, global women's rights, living conditions in Syria, and travel to Mars.

Including adjustable Lexile levels for every text and quiz is a significant feat and gives Newsela a considerable leg up against other competitors that offer more static nonfiction reading instruction.

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Additionally, the customized quizzes and structured writing prompts paired with each leveled text are a huge boon to teachers and students alike: These assessment features offer a rich, flexible way for students to demonstrate what they've learned, to practice their close reading skills, and to use their writing to analyze and discuss what they've read.

It's especially powerful that there's so much content available in Spanish, making this a great tool for Spanish speakers or Spanish language students and for ELLs whose first language is Spanish.

Features like a built-in dictionary, a translator, or audio support could make the experience even richer. Also, better search terms would make searches of the articles feel more fruitful: All that aside, though, this is an exceptionally strong tool for bringing current events, level-appropriate texts, and flexible assessments to students from second through tweltfh grade.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about how news is covered. Ask your child to point out the who, what, when, where, and why elements in an article. Can your child identify key differences between legitimate news sources, such as a newspaper, and online gossip or opinion sites?

Discuss how to tell whether a site can be considered a reputable information source.The Northwest Austin area is home to a variety of summer camps for children of all ages and interests. Parents can choose from academic, day, overnight and sports camps.

Feb 21,  · With the recent introduction of the Chemistry Update for Minecraft: Education Edition, there has been no better time to expose your Chemistry students to a new dimension of learning.

(STEM) in schools, the Minecraft Education Team have been inspired to integrate Chemistry features and functions into Minecraft: Education Edition. Minecraft offers a rich and immersive environment in which to create and learn about stories.

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Oct 04,  · Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic point-and-click narrative-driven graphic adventure video game based on the sandbox video game Minecraft, released in October across multiple platforms with a Windows 10 release on December 16, , a Wii U release on January 21, , a Apple TV release on August 24, , and a Nintendo Switch release on August 22, The game .

minecraft update 10 features of academic writing

Nov 15,  · Minecraft: Education Edition Code Builder Update Minecraft: Education Edition launched a major update this month, making it easier than ever to learn and teach coding with Minecraft. The Code Builder Update is now available for all users on Windows 10, macOS and iPad.

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