Proposal sr ht 003 for huffman trucking

Finalize the project work for SR-ht and Change Requests 2—5. Compile all documentation from your Change request from Weeks Two through Five. Submit your team presentation to your faculty. Based on the Yew article, how does the information presented to decision makers affect the quality of their decisions?

Proposal sr ht 003 for huffman trucking

Three-dimensional measurements of the spectral emissions from a particle laden, supersonic plume. Light-field imaging provides a method for three-dimensional imaging of flows. This has been applied to particle image velocimetry 1,2 and more recently to scalar measurements using modified schlieren methods.

This solicitation seeks innovative concepts for collecting non-intrusive imaging of missile plumes and on the volumetric distribution of combustion dynamics.

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The effect of mass loading of the particulates on the combusting regions in the plume needs to be addressed. During this phase, the focus can be on the qualitative observation of the plume structures.

The concepts formulated in Phase I will be developed and demonstrated both analytically and experimentally in a program defined by the contractor. Quantitative measurements will be required of the spatial distribution of the scalar variances in the missile plume. Briefly describe expectations and minimum required deliverable.

For military applications, this technology is directly applicable to all missile systems with extended flight times and may aid in signature reductions. For commercial applications, this technology is directly applicable to gas turbines burning waste gases.

There is interest by NASA in its new solid rocket booster program. A full volumetric diagnostic of the flow in the base region will help in the understanding of the heating requirement.

Alvi, Volumetric measurement of a shock wave-turbulent boundary layer interaction using plenoptic particle image velocimetry, in 32nd AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference p.

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The production of data and low-dimensional, empirical-base models that will allow the enhancement and validation of numerical tools to move beyond anecdotal comparisons for particle-laden missile plumes.

There remain key fundamental questions that must be addressed to achieve fully resolved computational modeling of combustion in a supersonic, turbulent flow.

Molecular mixing of scalar quantities, and hence chemical reactions in turbulent flows, occurs essentially on the smallest turbulent scales and is characterized and quantified by the dissipation rate of the scalar variance, which plays a central role in combustion modeling.

In short, the key quantities of turbulence and scalar variance are independently necessary and intrinsically linked. While advancing the modeling tools is of significance to the Army, the availability of benchmark data that includes both realistic chemistry and a realistic flow field are limited.

In recent past, there have been significant advances in spectral measurements and non-intrusive full-field flow measurements. The top-level goal is to leverage one or more of these in a combined measurement to produce correlated sets of data that are used to develop low-dimensional, empirical-based models for the evolution of scalar and vector quantities in particle-laden, afterburning plumes.

The base region is likely to lend itself well to low-order models.

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Successful approaches in other aerodynamic flows have leveraged orthogonal mode decomposition and stochastic estimation to reduce the number of degrees of freedom in separated flows where strong two-point correlations exist.

This solicitation seeks innovative concepts for collecting data with two-phase flow using combined fluid dynamic and spectral diagnostics in the near base region of an afterburning, supersonic plume.

Proposal sr ht 003 for huffman trucking

The concepts will be identified, simulated, and compare with low dimensional empirical base models. The comparisons will include, at minimum, the scalar and vector quantities of the local velocity and turbulence fields.

Empirical based models will be derived base on physics-based analysis of correlations that arise from the data collection. For military applications, this technology is directly applicable to all missile systems with extended flight times.

While the focus of this SBIR Topic is on the understanding of the fluid dynamics of the base region of missile systems, the topic also has direct application in both the military and commercial arenas.

The most likely customer and source of funding for Phase-III will be in the field of turbomachinery that burn reclaimed waste gas that contains particulates. There is possible interest by NASA as it develops its new solid rocket booster. Heinz Pitsch, Large-eddy simulation of turbulent combustion, Annu.

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Nathan E Murray, E. Ukeiley, Properties of subsonic open cavity flow fields, Physics of Fluids 21, Rowley, Tim Colonius, and Richard M. Army missiles launched from the ground towards high altitude targets generally require thrusted augmentation of aerodynamic controls to achieve maneuverability needed to ensure lethal intercept.

Current modeling techniques often need significant amounts of computational time to provide accurate representations of the flowfields and the observable signatures associated with such maneuvers.corepro sr 15' sampler skimming net, 1/16" me aluminum pole ' w/ the gerald a teel co inc huffman construction inc removal and diosposal removal and disposal o iso claims services, inc hazmat trucking enforc jorge r rey .

Team B Huffman Trucking Project Paper Project Overview Huffman Trucking is a large organization that provides transportation of goods and services to its customers. Proposal: SR-ht for Huffman Trucking Proposal: SR-ht for Huffman Trucking Huffman Trucking 's central maintenance facility in Cleveland, Ohio and presently has hubs in Los Angeles, California, St.

Louis, Missouri, and Bayonne, New Jersey. MU Grade Distribution Application Thursday, November 22, Term. 2 Huffman Trucking Service Request SR-ht Huffman Fleet Trucking was established in by a Cleveland, Ohio native named K.

Huffman. He started the company using a single tractor-trailer and shortly began growing during World War II when the demand for carrier services increased between factories from the Midwest to the East Coast.


Tang B 1, Huffman L 1, Feldman H 1, Gray E 1, Kagawa K 2, Gould JB 1 1 Stanford University School of Medicine, Kaul P 1, Nyquist A 1, Lowenstein SR 1,2 1 University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO; 2 Colorado School of Public Health, Aurora, CO and 3 .

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