Pulp and paper technology

History[ edit ] Five seminal steps in ancient Chinese papermaking outlined in a woodcut. Pulp for papermaking was produced by macerating mulberry bark as early as the 2nd century in Han dynasty China, where the invention of paper is traditionally attributed to Cai Lun.

Pulp and paper technology

We understand tight construction timelines. We are known for being on-time — or even early with our deliveries: Gama Kazan Teknolojisi, working for sugar company Konya Seker. Turkey Our customized air filtration solution for this modern bioethanol plant included one of our top quality ESPs, improving efficiency by reducing dust entrapment during the rapping phase.

Provide an air filtration solution for this beet sugar factory situated km south of Ankara which is energy efficient in part due to its pulp drying plant. This factory is the most modern sugar plant in Europe and the largest in Turkey with a processing capacity of 12, tonnes per day.

We designed and manufactured the collecting plates and baffles to reduce dust entrapment during the rapping phase, improving efficiency. Provide an air filtration solution to a brand new forest biomass plant — Lautaro II — with an installed capacity of 22 MWh.

Our engineers, together with our client, decided that a special Redecam RF-Model Bag Filter would be the most effective and efficient choice for this biomass plant. Brazil We suggested and provided a turnkey air filtration solution, including our innovative Electrostatic Precipitator ESP system that would offer high efficiency while being cost-effective.

The plant also processes soy to produce glycerin and fatty acids used in various industrial chemicals. Our client had considered installing a wet scrubber, but our engineers suggested one of our Electrostatic Precipitator ESP solutions that would offer higher efficiency while being more cost-effective.

This innovation ensures both the highest reliability and effectiveness, even when the plant is operating at maximum capacity. Turkey We improved air pollution emissions with an ESP that limits dust re-entrainment into the gas steam and ensures the highest reliability and efficiency, even when at maximum capacity.

Lower air pollution emissions at a newly acquired pulp and kraft paper plant — the only integrated kraft paper plant in Turkey — with an annual paper production capacity oftons. This technology optimizes the energy applied to remove the dust and limits its re-entrainment into the gas stream, ensuring the highest reliability and efficiency in dust collecting, even when operating at maximum capacity.There are many reasons to make a screw press from Press Technology & Manufacturing, Inc.

your solution for Dewatering Paper Pulp. Below is a list of applications. Industry professionals have relied on RISI for more than 30 years to stay abreast of the global pulp, paper, and packaging markets.

Pulp and paper technology

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DESCRIPTION. The Pulp and Paper Technology Program offers a one-year Certificate and an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The Certificate requires 33 credit hours for completion, and takes one two-semester academic year on a full-time basis. Pulp and Paper Technology Advanced Workforce Training and Education Series, Volume 2 Paper Manufacturing (Volume 2) by Jointly developed with TAPPI and the Community College Network. Paperback. $ $ 59 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. NPT2 training provides the workforce of the future for the pulp and paper industry—while helping people attain rewarding careers. The pulp and paper industry is facing a serious shortage of technical workers.

Pulp, Print and Paper Testing Services. Pulp, paper and print testing and consultancy services. The Intertek Paper Technology Group offers independent analysis, testing, and consulting support services for production, technical, sales and marketing functions in the pulp, paper and allied industries.

Pulp and paper technology

Line pulp processing, including Fiberizing,Washing, Screening, and Cleaning, prior to the high density (HD) chest that separates the pulp mill and paper mill. Over the past decade, Redecam has increasingly been awarded contracts in the Biomass & Pulp and Paper industries.

With three decades of experience designing and perfecting a complete portfolio of air pollution control solutions, we are an ideal partner to trust with your Biomass & Pulp and Paper plants.

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