The film the bicycle thief

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The film the bicycle thief

The first bike thief stole the bicycle, because he could not afford to buy it, to sell and earn a living. Antonio, the second bicycle thief, did it because he needed the bike to earn a living, but could not afford to buy another one.

Besides all the many shots of the unattended bikes at the stadium, which seemed to be unlocked and unchained, there were a ton of bike shops all over town where parts could be bought and sold on the market. The bicycle gives Antonio Ricci the ability to earn a good living and live a better life, thus, increasing his social status.

Without the bike, Antonio cannot earn a living and provide a substantially better lifestyle for his family. Once the bike has been The film the bicycle thief, Antonio feels that he has to go out and steal a bike to compensate for his loss.

What allegorical significance does the quest for its recovery acquire in the film?

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He exhibits the greatest desire to be a successful man and often becomes delusional in his attempts at the recovery of his bike. In his most desperate hour, he succumbs to his desires so badly, that he jeopardizes the safety of his son, Bruno Ricci.

The closing statements of this film lead me to believe that Antonio never recovers his bicycle; therefore, never realizing the new life that he had desired so badly. In the final moments of the film, after Antonio Ricci has been caught stealing the bicycle, he is set free by the victim who is compelled by not wanting to bother with it because he believes that Antonio has suffered enough by the humiliation of being a bad example for his son.

The surrounding crowds yell at Antonio with words to the effect, you got lucky this time! If it were my bicycle, I would have you locked up! Antonio soon discovers that Bruno is not the little boy in the river and notices that Bruno is standing at the top of the stairs removing his jacket then becomes seated.

I found it odd that Antonio did not show an overwhelming relief that his son was ok. The second instance where Bruno was placed in harms way is when Antonio let Bruno fall behind while crossing the street at the intersection. Bruno almost gets hit twice by the passing cars which blow their horns, and still Antonio never looks back!!!

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Another unhappy moment in the film is when Bruno asks his father why he let the man go to the bathroom in the church, which ultimately led to his escape, only to be slapped by his father square on the face. In a happier moment in the film, Antonio shows some concern for his son by turning his attention to Bruno, only after exhausting himself with the search for his bicycle, by asking Bruno if he would like some Pizza.

The film the bicycle thief

After being humiliated by the unsuccessful attempt at the bike theft earlier, Antonio finally grabs Bruno by the hand as they walk down the street. I wonder what Antonio was thinking at these final moments in the film. Or perhaps he was thinking of other ways to get another bike.

What images best capture the rich emotional relationship between father and son throughout the film? Bruno often looks to his father, caring about how he feels and knowing his feelings.

The Bicycle Thief Movie Review

Bruno endures many emotional attacks by his father before ultimately seeking independence from him after being slapped in the face for no wrong doing. Bruno then creates some space between him and his father by walking away.The Bicycle Thief - Trailer The most famous, and arguably the greatest, of all the Italian neorealist films, Vittorio De Sica's THE BICYCLE THIEF is an extremely moving tale of a man's desperate.

Sep 03,  · Antonio goes searching for thief and the bike, initially accompanied by some friends. But finally it's just the stricken man and his little son Bruno, chasing down frustrating clues and dead-ends over an agonized weekend.4/4. Antonio walks away from the house in despair, as the thief's neighbours follow, jeering at him about his lost bicycle.

At the end of the film in one of the most resonant scenes, Antonio is sitting on the curb outside the packed football stadium. The public just won't let "The Bicycle Thief" fade away. That alone tends to override any negative factors. It looks like this film is going to be around for quite a while.

The film the bicycle thief

Oct 13,  · Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di Biciclette) - Part 1 of 2 - Full Movie With English Subtitles - Duration: Abhishek Rana Borah 46, views. Mar 19,  · "The Bicycle Thief" had such an impact on its first release that when the British film magazine Sight & Sound held its first international poll of film makers and critics in , it was voted the greatest film of all time.

The poll is held every 10 years; by , it was down to a tie for sixth, and then it dropped off the list.4/4.

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