U a fan thorpe and hugo williams essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The titles of these poems suggest that they have something in common. The title Half-past Two brings to mind the time that the school day ends, and the title Leaving School brings to mind the end of the school day also. However, after further examination it is clear that the title Leaving School gives false expectations of the poem.

U a fan thorpe and hugo williams essay

Photograph used with kind permission of Olga Lipska. More of her work can be found at www. Hugo Williams is a poet, columnist and travel writer who has gained a loyal following for his plain, sparse yet poignant poems. His brother Simon Williams followed them on to the stage and screen.

This rather unconventional family is often, along with the perennial topic of women, a focus of his poetry. After winning an Eric Gregory Award ina Cholmondeley Award inpublishing two travel diaries and working for the London Magazine, Punch and the New Statesman, he has become a familiar and well-regarded name in the literary world.

This only increased inwhen he began his column for the TLS, which quickly became a popular staple in the publication.

Inhe garnered admiration — as well as some notoriety in the Daily Mail — when he won the T. His Collected Poems came out in but there was no sign of winding down his output: The following book, West End Final, includes poems that both continue and yet mock his autobiographical output.

The title poem of his most recent publication, I Knew the Bride April is a tribute to his sister Polly Williams, who died of cancer in The poem teases out the melancholy core in the lyrics of the Nick Lowe song from which it takes its name: This interview was conducted in December but publication was delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances.

It is colourful and has a look of comforting chaos: The nerve centre of the house is clearly his study, which houses most of his poetry books and music collection: We seat ourselves there for the interview.

Hugo is chatty with the charming habit of never seeming completely serious — except that is, when you get him on the subject of music: At one point he starts playing me songs on his record player and shouts his enthusiasm over them.

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In fact after this interview, we stay up till around 3am, drinking, smoking and probably annoying the neighbours with loud music. Clearly, he is not quite your typical seventy-year-old.

The only matter in which he conspicuously seems to refuse to move with the times is technology. He does not own a computer, let alone have any idea what to do with the internet. He admires my computer, saying it has a lovely big screen.

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I tell him no, though it will print if you connect it to one. I wonder to myself how far I would get if I insisted on writing up every review for the TLS on a typewriter and sending it via fax.

Interview by Kit Toda.

U a fan thorpe and hugo williams essay

Yes — only criticism though. I did some pop music stuff for Punch and films for Queen magazine. Terrible, really, my life has been poured down this journalism! I remember at the Eliot Prize readings you were talking about the Pillow Book and you said something great about how you had written one poem about a woman undressing and then wrote it again, eleven more times, just using different words.

You have a good memory. I suddenly thought that it would be interesting to write the same poem in different words.A Comparison of Half-past Two by UA Fanthorpe and Leaving School by Hugo Williams Essay Sample.

U a fan thorpe and hugo williams essay

Half-past Two and Leaving School are both poems based around school and yet they both show two completely different experiences of school. U A Fanthorpe’s Half-past Two is a light-hearted and slightly comical poem whereas Hugo William’s .

- The poems I am comparing in this essay are Half-past two and Reports by U.A. Fanthorpe and Leaving school by Hugo Williams.

All three of the poems are about school, and about the different aspects of it. Intended as a popularization of the ideas presented in his treatise Political Justice Godwin uses Caleb Williams to show how legal and other institutions can and do destroy individuals, even when the people the justice system touches are innocent of any crime.

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