Uconn honors thesis form

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Uconn honors thesis form

Education Abroad Honors Program students have the opportunity to explore, in detail, an area of interest to gain expertise in a new field and make a scholarly contribution. In addition, research and travel fundingspecial campus community programsand priority for dormitories in South Campus are available only to honors students.

The University Scholar criteria, including a minimum 3. Pharmacy students may also complete an honors program in another major but should contact the other department for information. Brian Aneskievich is the School of Pharmacy honors adviser. Honors Program The Honors Program is designed for highly motivated students who maintain a high GPA and wish to cap off their research or scholarly interests by conducting supervised independent study and writing a thesis.

At graduation honors students are individually recognized as Honors Scholars.

Uconn honors thesis form

Their transcripts and diplomas reflect this high level of accomplishment. Students wishing to conduct research need to identify a faculty research adviser who will supervise and guide the project.

Students interested in a particular line of research should contact faculty members who share those interests and discuss the nature of the proposed project. The Honors Scholar thesis projects completed by these students exemplify the diversity and range of topics available for research.

Students have the opportunity to actively contribute to the investigations done by Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty. Requirements In order to graduate as an Honors Scholar, students in pharmacy are required to: Complete 12 credits of honors courses in the upper division.

Complete a satisfactory Honors Thesis from at least three credits of supervised independent study. Present a seminar based on the thesis research in Phar H. Maintain a GPA of at least 3. Complete at least three credits of honors in an honors course that meets together as a unit not Phar or a course conversion.

This requirement can be completed prior to entering pharmacy school. Complete at least three credits of honors outside the major.

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This requirement can be completed prior to entering pharmacy school and can be combined with the previous requirement completing a course that meets as an honors course. When you apply to graduate, Honors Scholar students should also complete the Honors Program checklist.

Pharmacy students may elect to graduate as an Honors Scholar at the end of the B.Mar 31,  · This thesis explored teacher expectations; specifically, the study focused on the types and sources of information teachers purposely look at and use to form expectations of their incoming students prior to the beginning of the school year.

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You will also need to submit an IMJR thesis approval form (in addition to the Honors thesis approval form) and a copy of your completed thesis to the IISP office. An electronic copy of your thesis is preferred.

An Alternate Completion Date Request form must be submitted to the Graduate School for approval. Final paperwork approved and submitted past the posted deadline, but prior to 10th day of the Fall or Spring semester, requires no additional enrollment by a student.

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Uconn honors thesis form
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